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Lawrence Johnson III, Late Founder


Lawrence Johnson Realtors was founded in 1976 by the late Lawrence Johnson III. He established the company in Whitehaven, and through hard work and dedicated service to the community he attained many achievements and awards. Among them is the first African American to be recognized as a lifetime member of the Memphis Association of Realtors’ Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club. He convinced many Whitehaven residents that it is more beneficial to own than to rent. As a result, he increased sales and demonstrated to the public that ownership is a better alternative. As time passed, he expanded the business to include additional counties in Tennessee and in Northern Mississippi. Also, in response to a growing demand he added a Property Management Division that provides Management Support to individual property owners and investors with residential homes, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings.


Lawrence Johnson Realtors has an A +++ rating with the Better Business Bureau. He was the recipient of numerous awards and citations in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to excellence. Lawrence Johnson Realtors continue to stand out as a leader in the real estate industry with his son, Spencer Johnson now as the President/CEO and James McCarthy as the Principal Broker. Lawrence Johnson left a strong legacy to build and maintain a lasting relationship with all clients and the community. The Company is still motivated to continue providing outstanding customer service with the best trained affiliates among the members of the Memphis Area Association of Realtors. There is no doubt about it, Lawrence Johnson Realtor’s still takes great pride in having the best agents and staff in the mid-south and will always remain your “#1 Dedicated Real Estate Professionals.”

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