Property Management

Do you really have the time and/or dedication to manage a rental property, maintain its physical structure, and provide good service to your tenants? The problem with rental real estate as an investment is that once you own a property, you have to figure out a low cost and efficient method of management.

At L.J.P.M., we manage every property with a maximum return for the investment and provide the highest level of support services to the property owner and their tenants.

To better illustrate the method by which we manage our properties, the following support services are further defined:

Tenant Relationships

At L.J.P.M., we recognize that sound tenant relations are crucial to the successful management of rental property. Our Quality Maintenance Provisions ensure that poor communications between tenants and management doesn't create false expectations, misunderstandings, or conflicts.

Maintenance & Physical

Taking proper care of your property prolongs its economical life and provides tenants with clean and secure facilities. As a member of your property management team, it is our responsibility to communicate that as an owner, expect to bear the cost of normal wear and tear. However, we make certain your tenants understand that they are liable for damages in excess of normal wear and tear. Furthermore, our move out cost schedule is signed and thoroughly explained in the initial stages of the lease process - so everyone understands their duties and responsibilities.

Marketing & Advertising

Renting real estate requires you to match the services of a unit (i.e. location, lifestyle, amenities, and cost) to the needs of your prospective tenants. Experience has taught us the importance of developing and maintaining a current rate schedule for each property. How? We keep abreast of market conditions for comparable rental units. For our clients, we provide the three most effective forms of advertising: Classified newspaper ads, vacancy signs posted on premise, and word of mouth referrals.

Leasing & Record Keeping

A successful marketing and advertising program will usually attract several prospective tenants. That's why we carefully analyze each lease application form and require security deposits. At L.J.P.M., the four major criteria used in evaluating prospective tenants:

- Income Level
- Employment Record
- Credit References
- Previous Landlord References

Providing this level of performance and service demands the dedicated commitment of the L.J.P.M. team. From Lawrence Johnson, CEO of Lawrence Johnson Realtors, to Landlord Service Associates, from Marketing personnel, to Property Analysts, each team member takes pride in continuing the heritage of quality Real Estate services that began more than thirty years ago.

For more information, contact:

Lawrence Johnson Realtors Property Management Division at 901.345.1600 or email